In 1912, the English Department was founded. This is the beginning of the formal system of foreign languages in schools.
In 1913, 17 graduates from the English Department stepped out of the school gate.
In 1928, it changed its name to English department.
In February 17, 1949, the peaceful liberation of Peiping was renamed Beijing, and the school was renamed Beijing Normal University. The English Department is renamed the foreign language department, and there are two teaching groups in English and russian.
In 1952, with Beijing Normal University and the Department of foreign languages at Fu Jen Catholic University, withdrew to the Russian department.
In 1960, the school decided to resume English majors, and the Russian Department changed its name to the foreign language department again.
In 1972, the normalization of Sino Japanese diplomatic relations and reconstruction of Japanese majors.
In December 2002, the foreign language and Literature Institute was founded.